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23 going on 20!

Updated: Jan 25

So we start this year as our twentieth year in business and even I had to admit how grown up twenty sounded!

Who knew that a score ago, a conversation at Pizza by the Bay would turn out to be a long term commitment both personally and professionally. But like with all coming of age stories, January started with its set of challenges. With Aditya falling ill and the post New year lethargy setting in, it seemed like January would move at snail's pace.

I've realised that downtime is always a good time to spring clean. Clean up the excess fat in the system, make the organisation a leaner meaner machine and hire newbies and train the rest so that when you get shovelled under you have the tools to burrow out.

February already has us in a tizzy with two shoots a week, new clients and events. In fact I'm not sure how we'll schedule it all in the that 28 days February has...

On another note... welcome to the Balancing Act Blog...what I will try to keep as a weekly blog and where you will navigate our challenges with us and meet our eclectic team.

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