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Gupt gupt!

The week that was, was like watching a fish market… The big event happened and Hinder came to me about issues people were having but not talking about….

So like a scene from a telenovela we made people confront the ones they were having issues with.

Like a fly on the wall I picked up a few key notes… No-one likes to complain about another… they’d rather me be the b#$ch than them! They masqueraded their rants as reviews... but basically it was '10 things I hate about you!'

Lil Boy was obviously the most pleased about getting all the many , many issues - mostly with Blossom, out of the way!

Lil Miss Sleepy often is misunderstood but I think if you fall asleep as she finishes a sentence.. it becomes hard to remember what she was talking about. She was however a strong Boss B#$ch at the event and the team she handled was dedicated , on time and enthusiastic. Bashful handled a group of 5 and you’d think that there were at least 100 of them with her Marvel-type sad face!

Ringu and Blossom had to be the wallflowers/ chameleons in an event of girls… but Blossom tried to still enhance his love life by sharing more than a few flirts with the MC of the event… In a short while he became less of our team and more her P.A.

Robin was in charge of watching the inventory and with 80% of the inventory lost… she didn’t do such a good job - obviously!

Who stole the inventory - that was the story of the week.

I know.... and I have the footage to prove it!

But since BB and Hinder are on it… the case will possibly never be solved!

Batman started the celebrations of course at the end of the evening and though most of us couldn’t stand… we were happy to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour and…. a few drinks!

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