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Happy Diwali

And where I have started watching cheesy (read bad) Christmas Hallmark movies already, the team is recovering from the Diwali hangover!

Bootycall (read Bashful) is off to a wedding so her hangover will continue for another week or so… the fact that she’s blushing gleefully makes me wonder whether she’s intent on doing some groom shopping of her own!

Lil Ms Sleepy is back from Diwali and the birthday and has plunged headlong into music concerts and film production planning… she’s going to have to be a lot less spa like especially with the loud concert surrounding her , it doesn’t help that it’s in Delhi!

We had barely a day and a half of work this week and Blossom received enough shouts for a month- Lil Boy was the true Diwali phataka to him- but he’s now on her team so get ready to enjoy the fireworks!

Ringu is in his element with new shows and newer clients… He wanders around creating and handling mini crises’ and enjoying every minute of it!

Batman and Robin had a working holiday with budgeting for a new shoot happening… but now since their work will be approved they can go into hibernation while the entire team goes heater skelter making the madness happen!

Hinder was in for a day and then out for a day... needless to say we progressed strongly on the day she was out! ;)

BB’s smile just wont quit! We’re back to the busiest we’ve been and she’s playing Producer like a bomb!

Apologies for all the cracker puns in the writeup… I’m still sad that Diwali’s over!

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