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Maar Daala

Tempers are usually short this time of year… as the work piles up so does the excitement and unfortunately the stress! Hinder started this week with a full blown argument with Robin which had brewing for 2 weeks apparently. The argument took no mercy on the group and soon Batman was dragged in to it as well. Batman may be a super hero but nothing can save him from the wrath of 2 women!

Bashful or should we rechristen her Booty-call was being pulled in all directions as the d-day for the evening grows closer. Lil Boy was a lil sergeant general and orders were barked out and drilled in!

Blossom started taking initiative and I was pleasantly surprised at his entrepreneurial streak! Ringu unfortunately was unwell hence did most of his work from home… thankfully keeping his viral flu homebound as well.

BB is in her element. 3 years of the event and she’s a complete pro… the fact that we all haven’t heard her yell at someone in testament to the fact, though I am seeing a few sparks when Hinder’s around.

Another one finding her stride is Lil Miss Sleepy. On the ball, giving us deadlines and killing it with her responsibilities... she's being a fabulous team player and I'm loving this side of her!

One week closer and I predict a lot more drama, a few more yells and then a happy celebration of a job well done !

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