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Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

Tinder, Hinder, Lil Boy and occasionally BB get a few bees in their combined bonnets! They rush in with all the energy of an Olympic athlete but with none of the training (in this case information).

BB will come in with full volume; while Hinder will bargain; Lil Boy will be offended, mad and shocked all at once and Hinder will agree with whomever seems to be the forerunner of grief.

The complaints are usually the same. Can I please play bad cop to another team member so that they can remain good cops and good friends with them? That’s the tricky part about entrepreneurship and leadership. It’s lonely sometimes. To make the difference between work relationships and work friendships is a tricky and slippery slide. Now it’s not that they will lose friends, it’s just they have to be ok with sometimes being firm. And whereas Jom may roll an eye or both, Ringu laugh , Bashful look confused and Snoozy feign a made-up illness; it’s up to them to learn and navigate their teams and still get the best from them.

So when they barged uninvited into my room this week, I listened with amusement and watched them realise we’d been over this before. Lil Boy finished the tirade and waited while Tinder backed Lil Boy with a few “yes”’s and “see”’s. And as the onslaught ended, they understood the futility of their complaints as these were things they needed to do themselves. Hinder quickly retreated to the Hinder-Hideout and BB enjoyed the commotion!

Batman and Robin usually avoid these blow outs sensibly. But I have to be honest, the mid week soap opera keeps the office and me quite merrily entertained.

Hinder wanted an extra mention this week. But honestly it was too much of a hindrance!

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