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Badtameez Dil

So it’s hiring season as it is every March; so please welcome the Tin Man. That’s his name till I know more about him… so we’ll see how it goes! This week I thought a lot about of Office Politics. Hinder became a hindrance for Robin and therefore we saw office drama up close and personal. And it was no Love Island!

This is a little unusual cos most of our Office Politics is resolved over our lunch time games of Uno Flip. This is where everyone who wants to play plays and it’s a level ground for everyone ! Here it’s not about the drama at work or how annoyed we are with each other… it’s just a game. Here you can yell , shout and fight with no consequence . We gang up, create teams and each of us is an equal; except Hinder, maybe; but that’s because she’s very bad at the game. So that’s more of that than anything else!

Tinder , Ringu J and I are usually a team.Lil Boy teams up with Hinder which I think is more of a CSR Activity! Snoozy usually comes in and trades and barters and then emerges as a dark horse. Robin plays rarely but aggressively. BB bullies us all !Jom prefers to watch the drama from the side lines and Batman stays clear of the drama as he does with most office activities, except yoga - he likes that. Tin Man has played one game so far but he’s only a few days old… so we’ll have to wait and watch!

I think Office Politics needs a punching bag and Uno Flip is ours. We’ve found the yelling, the shouting and the angst ends at lunch time and we go back to work less annoyed and a bit refreshed!

Except maybe Hinder… but we have told her to practice over the weekends and public holidays.

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