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With the offsite ‘round the corner , it seemed like there was never enough time to prepare. Whereas some preps seemed well thought of , others were a shocking display of diarrhea of a multitude of disconnected thoughts !

Lil Boy and Robin are also going to have to shop for clothes without rips and which cover their mid-riffs!

There was also the matter of a new script reading. I think that went well or at least if I go by Yogi’s reaction who laughed even before the jokes and laughed even more gleefully after! Ringu was a bit camera shy but he’ll get used to it!

The Tin man and Bashful started playing Flip with us more consistently; so now Hinder loses to more people !

Tinder has redone her presentation umpteen times and I’m sure before Monday it’ll be redone again, but may still need an update !

Batman flies solo on this presentation, so he’s got a lot more to cover !

BB is the only one who seems set ! I guess it helps to have dealt with actual crises so you know that all of this madness will go off perfectly as it always does!

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