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Chaiyya Chaiyya

The start of the Financial year is always celebrated at BA and this year was no different. Monday had a Pizza party where there was quite literally one pizza per person... but if you know 20 something year olds ; you know that it'll be polished off!

J and I had had a late night with a Client’s success party and were only too happy to stock up on carbs

It was also the first day post April fool’s and as is tradition I decided to prank the team. Batman, Tinder and BB were in on it and so we decided to toast the year with thums up. All good except I mixed in a bit of vinegar in each of the glasses.

Bashful, as is her name chose to down the awful concoction silently. Ringu and Lil Boy made a face but neither said anything; tho Lil Boy swears she was planning on saying something! Robin quietly sipped it and the new joinee, let’s call him Yogi was extremely confused by what he seemed to think was a mad office!

We also had a Swag Session and our new branded goodies were unveiled and given out!

Hinder and BB had been responsible for the Swag and they glowed as the team excitedly took their goodies!

Our office is a mini freezer and Tin Man was only too happy with his new hoodie.Yogi really seemed unsure of what to expect next! I mean he had Pizza, vinegar and then the week ended with yoga for the yogi!

That’s what I love about our company… every day is a different adventure and it’s great to meet our crazy , mad , unathletic team!

Was there some Lil Boy, Hinder drama and goss?? Of course there was ! I mean now you know Hinder ! But more on that next week...

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