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Chale chalo

And I’m back from a high (altitude) to the madness of work. The team seemed to have worked well together and so we were all ready to listen to the new ideas and presentations. Yogi is developing a voice as is Bashful. That is really good.More often than not though Ringu or Tin Man became the main speaker even though both developed a truly robotic like AI glitch in between the presentations!

Tinder spent some time practising a new raspy (supposed to be sexy but wasn’t ) voice. I’m not sure what she’s planning to do with the rasp or who she plans to snare…

There was one office crisis though which involved Hinder spending time in her favourite place which she now apparently has to share time with the Tin Man. This resulted in long lines and multiple complaints to me. I’m not sure how to resolve this but it’s interesting that the only office issue that was had was not office politics but a pretty crappy (pun intended) issue.

Batman and BB put together some insane budgets and I wondered whether the high altitude of Bhutan affected them or me… or maybe it was a heat stroke issue.

Robin was characteristically quiet and Lil Boy was characteristically loud. The tea she keeps sipping seems to make her even more of a hooligan , if that’s even possible.

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