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Apna Time Aayega

And so we’re at the offsite after an almost tragedy of errors. Tickets were booked without baggage, loads of drama on the plane and even more drama on site- but we’re finally here.

The presentation morning started rocky but like I always say ‘Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong!’ And so we pivoted and in minutes we were up and running like a re-oiled and revved machine!

Hinder and Bashful helped us with breathing and calming us (mainly J) and I down. Tinder had a few pleasant surprised up her sleeves during her presentation and drew from important work life lessons. Lil Boy and Yogi focussed on gratefulness - a skill I’m hoping they also focus on. This game drew both a lot of laughter (mostly Ringu ,J and myself on a few inside jokes) and tears (which showed so much heart and compassion).

Batman then talked numbers and we got back down to business and we ended the morning session on a high!

Lunch was quiet as we’d spent the morning in a fair amount of discussion and work.

And we started the afternoon session with an active learning session on Team building and Trust which was headed by Batman and the TinMan. The blind folded session actually was really interesting because the team readily trusted each other even while they walked into actual obstacles….. And then they all got knotted up… How they got out of the knotty situation is anyone’s guess… except they cheered for each other- so I guess Teamwork won!

And then BB and Ringu started communication games which started more arguments which I guess is communication in some way! The stories created were quite confusing and possibly quite taboo!

Lil Boy spoke about her learnings and you could see she’d gone thru a fair amount of trials and come out fighting stronger at the end of them! She did come out a bit like a class teacher tho and there were a few times she chided her team and almost them threw them out of class!

And then it was upto Tinder and Robin and some more games to teach leadership. It was nice to hear Robin turning in to a silent leader by just leading the games.

And last but not least J killed it with ending the day strong! He reminded us of who we are and why we are and it teared me up.. It’s been a great 20. Thank you Lord.

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