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And JJ finished his 3rd surgical procedure (and hopefully his last)! The last 90 days have been painful ( literally and figuratively). The team gets ready for our favorite time of year mentoring new hopefuls as they learn to adult , so it’s all hands on deck and everyone is rushed off their feet!

Lil Boy is super serious about this , so it’s fun to hear her on the foghorn shouting instructions… fun, because it’s not me ! Bashful bashfully informed us about a Booty call and since we’re clear we’re not a dating company we told her to remain bashful and shy and celibate! BB and Ringu were on shoots across the continent this week and handled it like pros so kudos to our newest cricketing fans. Batman was busy handling a rather demanding client and got to see the fun side of client servicing.Robin spent the week helping in service of another kind as the company started a monthly CSR project.

Hinder floated under the radar this week and I’m sure no good will come out of it. Blossom started having a voice and you’d occasionally hear him till Lil Boy shut him down every time.

Lil Ms Sleepy is being awoken by the craziness of festival time and seems to be enjoying the madness more than her quiet time. This is good cos I don’t see any quiet time happening any more this year!

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