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Gadar 3

A quieter week after the madness that happened was much needed. Lil Miss Sleepy had us all echo her when she called Hinder in a sing-song , plaintive way… So the office resounded of Lil Miss Sleepy’s voice. Hinder loved it! She quite literally has never heard her name said that many times!

In other news someone had a crush on the Client last week! I put it down to overtiredness but lets hear from Lil Miss Sleepy and Bashful- both who looked a bit startled when JJ and I found out! Apparently however the glad eye was actually Robin! Oh Batman… this Robin is a wanderer!

Ringu moved out of his chocolate boy phase and focused on becoming more musical.

Snowman checked out after the heat of the shoot last week and is aiming for colder climes.

Blossom and Batman aimed high and started focusing on sixes and Lil Boy started getting the team focused on photo booths and girly shoots… Yes Lil Boy possibly gets the irony1

BB was figuring out budgets and hotels and was buzzing around busier than usual.

We’re back! And it’s season!

The week ended with Lil Miss Sleepy more overwhelmed than ever..."Hinderrrrrr" help?

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