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It's The Time To Disco!

And it's Pitching Season again and every day is fun to wake up to!

Tinder is an old hand (enjoy the age pun) at pitches and is learning to love the drama of the pitch. The newbs are still learning. Yogi has a perennially shocked expression thus far; Tin Man is practising to sound relaxed and Ringu practising to sound less laid back!

It's also Offsite Time and so the team is rallying around getting presentations ready and ideas ready for the Offsite. Lil Boy is bullying people into listening and being grateful!. BB is being a busy bee rushing between pitching and offsite planning! Batman is now having to work with a newb and we'll have to see whether the super hero survives with a new side kick or whether he eviscerates him! His usual partner, Robin has been paired up with Tinder and that's going to be a pairing with challenges considering how different they are.

This Offsite is different - it's challenging and fun... It's requiring loads of permutations and combinations and me becoming a better matchmaker for my team than 'Sima from Mumbai.'

Hinder is excited to present a meditation workshop at the offsite. I'm excited about her silence! :) Bashful has partnered her... so let's see how that goes!

The offsite location will be announced today... so expect lots of draaaaamaa next week!

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