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Jawan (?)

As JJ returns from a frightening surgery and is finally on the mend of what has been the worst 9 months of health, I came to the conclusion that we may have to 'adult' at least where health is concerned!

The busy week had 3 shoots. Lil Boy was handling a biggie and smiling thru gritted teeth the whole time. Secretly tho, I believe she enjoyed some of the drama! Lil Miss Sleepy was given a harsh awakening to the drama that is a shoot! But she ensured a pleasant outcome and not the nightmare it could've been. Hinder was a tad flustered but you'd never have noticed it from her perfectly straight hair.

Blossom bloomed or so I'm told ! Maybe he just needed the spotlight on him !

Bashful was Lil Boy's front and centre when she wasn't stalking the Dreamgirl on ours ! Batman played the silent assassin ending conversations with single word answers and Robin chose to jump into production head first making a strong and clean impression. Ringu handled much on 1 set and managed to stay remarkably unfazed unlike Snowman who was quite literally snowed under!

BB handled a dog even better than the models and our shoot fed an entire street of dogs ! But lemme tell you her shoot had the yummiest goodies and 1 team migrated to Lil Boy and BBs set as fast as their exhausted feet could run!

All in all a fantastic week though very very exhausting- maybe we ain't that Jawan still , huh !

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