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Jhoome Jo...

The long weekend which started with Pathan was topped off with Lollapalooza , a music festival which showcased a variety of International and Indian Acts.

Pathan was a break from reality and in the comfort of the mini theatre we were in, surrounded by hoots and cheers it was nice to see that the King was back!

My ocd-ness was at its height with me stressing out about crowds and sweat and people and well pretty much everything! But the festival was spaced nicely and by timing our entrance and exits correctly, we were able to see friends, clients and even a few fab performances.

Monday morning was catch ups on Pathan, Lolla and just regular weekend goss. 'Tinder' and 'Hinder' were at their inseparable best (more on them soon), the 'Little Boy' was back after a short trip and the restful weekend was soon forgotten in the flurry of new activity. This week promises to be a planning week for the shoots of next week... and like I've always maintained there's no such thing as being over prepared!

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