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Jodi Number 1 ?

The madness of Pitching season continues and is now even more manic, thanks to the Team being told where the offsite is.

The offsite is exciting. It was greeted with claps! But now with all the work that’s been added; I think the Offsite will be a well earned break!

The pain of my injection week seemed to stress J out and everyone was victim as he decided to let loose on the team for working a bit slower than he was used to. Bashful bawled her eyes out while Tin man tried to keep composure. Lil Boy heard the storm on the phone and was (I’m sure) grateful that she wasn’t there.

Batman and Tin man also presented some of their ideas for the Offsite. Now if this isn’t a unique match I don’t know what is. Hinder thought she’d play a hooky on a part of the assignment but that plan was shut down much to her dismay. Ringu and BB was another unlikely duo that worked well together (Sima Aunty are you listening?)

Yogi we realized is a bit of a space cadet and we’re going to have to ground him to reach him. Tinder and Robin worked on a new partnership and quite lake chalk and cheese it was a match made at office!

All in all it was a week that felt like a long speech dating event…

Which match will be successful and which ones will fall to the wayside is left for us to see?!

Either way we have a better track record that Indian Matchmaking!

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