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Kala Chashma

The millennials (though a few - the ones that we hire rant against typecasting!) are an interesting bunch. But hiring comes with its own set of challenges! While J and I are entrepreneurs and love self starters and those who come in swinging; we’ve realised this newer generation has no such aspiration. In the last interview , when we asked a 25 year old his plan; he said his plan was to retire! Needless to say he wasn’t hired.

Within our team we have tried to create hierarchy and reward those who have achieved and those who inspire to become leaders. This is quite challenging. While leaders come in different forms , creating a first time leader often involves more misses than hits!

While I believe I have always tried to be a fair and kind leader who teaches those who I work with; J is a no nonsense leader who teaches but doesn’t suffer any fools. Hinder on the other hand runs away and hides when given responsibility , while Tinder prefers to do all the swiping and working rather than delegating ever. Lil Boy has a fun style of leadership. It involves shouting about Jom, Snoozy and occasionally BB. Lil Boy spends more time on the rants but once the rant is over forgives the team who didn't know Lil Boy was even ranting! BB ’s style is bull dozer like and you can make out no one dares argue with BB. I mean Tinder and BB have had some fights which has almost always caused everyone around them to burst into tears as well!Batman doesn’t need to show super powers to lead…Batman’s powers are quite confusing to the rest of the team.

The rest are learning still. Ringu is a team player, Bashful - still a bit bashful! Jom worries me as I think Jom runs a small mafia unit that we don’t know of, yet. Robin emerges occasionally from a cocoon to be a mini dragon! Snoozy would rather doze than lead right now…and hence Lil Boy’s rants.

I am happy to have created leaders because along the way they learn the challenges of leadership and entrepreneurship. They learn to be empathetic but firm; result oriented and driven. They learn to choose the path that is morally right. And they learn that being a leader is hard. Of course it takes a while… I mean Tinder is still hiding out! But I am watching them evolve and grow and make mistakes and in a way that’s what leadership and entrepreneurship is all about!

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