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Kehna Hi Kya

And the week ends with Tinder leaving and Blossom joining.. Will Blossom emerge with a new more powerful name.. well that remains to be seen cos we are yet to hear his voice! Poor Blossom, I think he was overwhelmed with the week that was. I mean it did exhaust all of us so much that we had a much needed mid-week break!

It was also birthday time for Robin and will be J’s birthday this week so much celebration (& prawns?) isn’t that right Robin?

This week we had a shoot and BB was BB all the way through. In her element she made sure everything was perfect ; till like it happens in production- everything changes, ALWAYS! And so she made sure everything changed again. Was she able to delegate and get help? Though her face nodded yes; her brain most definitely said ‘no.’ So we still have to work on that.

On the other hand we also had a new concept session with Hinder, Tinder, Lil boy and Tiny. That was stressful as heck but it was amazing that they all stepped up to the occasion and Hinder never even left to hide out even once (in her fav room). Tiny also found a voice and showed up nice and confident. Yogi missed the presentation as his part didn’t fit the time but we did miss the giggling Yogi at the meeting! Ringu also missed it because of the shoot but truthfully his multi coloured attire would have confused the team with the colour swatches they have.

Bashful leaves me confused as every week she seems to have one item pending to start the week with and at the end of the week it’s still the same item that’s pending! This has now happened 5 weeks in a row and I think her evil plan is to never finish this one item. Tin man wears a single EarPod in his ear. You’d think it is to take calls but I’ve seen him on more than one occasion holding the phone and talking on it on the other ear while still keeping the EarPod affixed.

Lil Boy is our very own Viral Bhayani and oh was she involved in a few scandals this week…?! Must you recognise ‘friends’ in public or should you just not see them? Is this a case of shortsightedness or ‘not wanting to see them-ness?’ Only she can tell… come on Ms. K… tell us so we can ‘Keep Up with….’ U!

And Tinder swipes right on her journey , we wish her luck and love and success!

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