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Kya Baat Ay

There is almost a frantic burst of energy in the office when they know J and I are taking a trip.

I guess it's true what they say, when the cats are away....

Tinder, Lil Boy and Hinder rushed to me with a 'unique' idea which they didn't want to share with the group. After shutting the door and making sure no one else was listening- they told me.... that their exciting idea was to make the newbs do a presentation. The cloak and dagger crap that they pulled was totally unnecessary for such a ridiculous idea!

Hinder made me log out and in of my email and to get back in required super human effort and a lot of stress... But then my bad- I listened to Hinder!

Robin was on a break while I was at Batman flew solo... and silently unlike the team that seemed like a bunch of students gearing up for the last bell to ring!

It was a loud, noisy (but happy) office...

On a positive note, Bashful is speaking a lot more and speaking well. Ringu is also taking charge a fair bit! The Tin Man seems more confident now and Yogi has barely settled in but still been able to catch the cough that's going 'round the office!

I'm watching the reality show that is my office via cc cam (Hinder's idea) all the way in another country....yup that's how much I miss my madness... but more on that next week!

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