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Kya Baat Hai!

With the financial year end and the usual march stresses.. I was down with the flu. This week was about training the newbs and ensuring Lil Boy and Tinder learned how to train newbs. Tinder learned to do the 'mama lecture!' And Lil Boy finally told them what she thought.

The Tin-Man proved to have insightful ideas and tried to bend us to his opinions... but still couldn't bend during yoga! Bashful is learning breathing techniques and now attempts to breathe before she speaks.... crediting yoga on this too! Ringu found a sense of humour but unfortunately so did the yoga teacher about his form!

BB is the person who encouraged us to do yoga but since it has started, she has worked out ingenious ways to bunk!

Batman closed the year like a superhero.

But Robin was caught under the weather...

Hinder was learning tough love. But you know Hinder... as long as there is love.... she's a-okay!

We said farewell to Jom as she goes on to higher studies and then revelled in the fact that the whole office's 'mean' height has increased substantially now!

To a great new year and to flu shots actually working!

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