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Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

And so the shoot ended with Bunny hopping off to an early end and us all being a lil worse for wear even though it wasn't us doing the jumping!

That's the thing with shoots... all glam and glitz from the outside; all sweat and exhaustion at the heart of it!

The week was therefore spent in recovery mode and a Thursday yoga sess showed us how out of form we really were...

All except Hinder who here is quite the teacher's pet, which is quite unusual even for her. She wasn't sure how to handle the attention and retreated to her den!

The Tin Man doesn't bend at all. Ringu's 'Om's' sound more like 'Owwwwwws!' Except when he fell asleep mid class and then just snored!

And Lil Boy does a stand up show while class is on and she is sitting cross-legged!

Bashful hides at the back and Jom is so tiny she almost touches her toes while standing up!

Batman missed yoga but I think that was more of his plan and Robin creaked/ squeaked through the whole session making her presence felt. BB seemed to have escaped or maybe hid under a table.... must check the CC Tv footage!

But here is when Snoozy who told us why Tinder was almost limber.... Seems like Tinder has found a Gym-Boy and has been taking the 'stretching' seriously! I guess that makes sense because the other day Tinder could barely lift a coffee mug!

J and I were very, very stiff... and I hear the teacher's coming back! Better find a place to hide next week!

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