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Paani paani

And this week Tiny came with a new found fire which was extinguished a few times while playing MonoDeal! Poor thing she probably figured adults don’t take games seriously… but she was in for a surprise. Honestly she was competing with Hinder for last spot quite regularly.

This week we also started practising presentations. Blossom started mumbling and Yogi forgot all his prepositions. Bashful spoke slowly but surely- I guess it helps that the influencer she had been stalking finally did what she was contracted to do! That’s the thing… everyone wants to be an influencer … but on the way to trying to be authentic , relevant and real; a lot of them become ‘stars’ with more drama than actual stars!

Ringu came back from an engagement in the hills. He seemed happier than usual....but also told us this was on a cliff front. Did all the guests have a good time too? Or are we missing a few!

Lil Boy was in and out of office and unfortunately that led to her not being part of the reality show this week was!

Of course she didn’t miss the Hinder vs BB+ all showdown. If yoga is supposed to calm you… it had the opposite effect on Batman, Robin and BB…Hoping this drama works itself out... or gets louder... either way it can feature in the blog!

But all the drama definitely got everyone hungry… so butter chicken biryani was the Friday indulgence for most! I guess it’s true.. a good fight increases appetite!

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