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Pehla Nasha

Valentines Day made me think about the many relationships that are formed in an office setting. Ours too has had several office crushes, make ups and break ups… I guess that’s part and parcel of an high stress, high stakes job. Tinder is always the first person I check on. The good things is Tinder’s easy to read and swiping left straight after Tinder swipes right is quick and you just have to wait for Tinder to get bored( which is sooner than one would think)!

Jom is the silent piner and a hopeless romantic (or so I gather from Insta). Lil Boy is stompy (yup that’s a thing which some consider endearing). Batman - the hidden romantic, Snoozy - the doe eyed playa and BB believes in the forever afters. Then there’s Robin who is sometimes ‘in’ and sometimes ‘out’ of love! Bashful seems a handful and Ringu a flirt and Hinder well figures a way to you guessed it hinder love !… I guess that sums it up.

I am the endless romantic and J is my Romeo.

Inter-office romances are always quite bumpy I’ve noticed and inter-office scandals more than juicy and more often than not end up in tears! I’ve never been a big fan of the work-wife; work-husband culture cause I believe at work one should form incredible and deep friendships; whereas romantic relationships need to be nurtured differently.

This week we finished a shoot which we’d long awaited. I mean I spent a fair amount of my Jawani waiting to first finalise the shoot, then schedule the shoot and then wait at the shoot! The one thing it did make me sure of is that whereas Valentines Days may come and go it’s super important for one to really love the job that they’re doing. Getting up and being happy to do what you do is such a boon and makes the job fun rather than a chore.

And then to work with people you love and respect- I guess that’s the combination we all strive for.

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