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Swag Se Swagat (Hiring time)

It's hiring time again and we're busy looking for new recruits to our very eclectic family.

A company in many ways is like an extended family with all it's eccentricities. Our team has a team of opposites just like Aditya and myself.

I find that more interesting, because with a team of opposites you have arguments, debates and eventually reach the best solutions.

Obviously we had a round (rectangular) table discussion, which had many opinions and caused a mini debate. Tinder and Hinder were on opposite sides which was unusual both for me and for Hinder. Snoozy was interestingly eloquent and alert and I realised maybe we hit on a interesting pain point!

I think maybe we have a new hire... but more on that later....

Batman and Robin were busy with their own set of shoot drama and BB(BusyBee) always seemed to be in the conference room deep in discussion!

We have a shoot too next week with a 'Sheila' so we're all making sure everything goes to plan...!

On another note... I'm verified now! Follow me @divyapalat

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