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Tere Vaaste

Another week, a lil less drama or so you’d think!

Lil Boy said that the drama and politics isn’t in our office anymore. Did she say that meaning someone… or was it just coincidence that BB wasn’t at office that day! Lil Miss Sleepy is enjoying the drama between Lil Boy and Robin but I promise it’ll get spicier as a ‘Fresh’ new work season starts!

Snowman was snowed under with work and was trying to bury Blossom and Ringu under. But they helped trying to thaw him out! He even showed a reaction, occasionally… it was of sheer fear… but at least we knew he was alive!

Batman took the team under his wing and tried to multi task as much as he could…as the bullets raged on !

Bashful remained away from the action but with the weeks’ she has had , she deserved the break!

JJ caused much commotion in my life by like my Grandfather used to say ‘what’s life without a few ups and downs?’ But maybe we could enjoy a few more ups or at least he should 🫶! He’s a good one , don’t tell him tho that I said that

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