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What Jhumka!

Apologies for the delay but I’m hoping the goss makes up for it!

Shaadi season is around the corner and we’re happily busy in preparation. Hinder may be working on this in preparation for her own! Catch the rock on her engagement finger…. Lil Boy also seems to have bitten the shaadi bug which is evident in her new coloured locks… Maybe we’ll see two shaadis within a year or so!

With an early packup last Friday…Lil Miss Sleepy (our new BA entrant) and the rest of the girls decided to go out- an early Friendship Day party… Here we must include Ringu in the gang of girls. A few Long Island teas down Robin and Lil Miss Sleepy showed a totally different side to themselves… However it is in the grape vine… that Friday (according to one Miss) had a party where I was the chaperone! To avoid parental questions, I seem to be the one who keeps people in late and who has people working on weekends… Thinking of asking for family members’ phone numbers so we can have our own WhatsApp group where they can see if I even knew about these drunken sundowners!

Blossom has a voice. We heard it. Unfortunately it was barely a single sentence and then he went back to mime!

Robin, even without multiple Long Island Ice Teas is now being heard! Come on Blossom- we believe in you.

The team had a debate this week as well and you saw the fiery side of Batman and the argumentative side of BB!

Yogi also responds to Snowman now… and with my room becoming colder than the South Pole I guess there’s some sense in the name!

Bashful has been killing it at work and taking names! So very proud of her… won’t discuss her tipsy Friday pictures tho!

Well it’s Friday again… let’s ‘saki’ it up!

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