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Yahan ke Hum Sikandar

This week was a whirlwind! Hirings, shoots and J being ill didn’t help injection week at all.

Next week is the shoot with the proverbial Energizer Bunny and the shoot date was changed, changed back , changed again and then changed back to the first date! Of course that date happens to be my anniversary but J’ll be there with me so that seems just fine! At least we have a date that everyone seems ok with.

Tinder handles this shoot but whereas Tinder’s a live wire - with Bunny’s shoots she’s a slow simmer. It’s almost if her Cancerian self knows that the Cancerian Bunny will also stay at a slow boil till the shoot date and then explode.

Ringu with his knee fanny packs is trying to prepare to his best as far as the shoot is concerned… but nothing will prepare him for the onslaught of Bunny! Bashful is underwater. Lil Boy is confused about who to bully as Snoozy (who’s ill cos it’s Friday) and Jom will slowly be leaving to complete further studies. Don’t worry Lil Boy, we got your back. New recruits soon!

Robin flies without Batman next week and that’s going to be fun. Does the sidekick emerge the superhero?? More on that soon.

BB is picking up bad habits from Hinder and is confusing passive smoking with Hinder training sessions! But BB, Hinder is untrainable…. Hence the name!

Next week is our anniversary and we celebrate Balancing Act’s 20th! So hurray team and welcome to the 20’s!

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