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Zara sa jhoom loon main

This blog is long overdue but sometimes you have to wait a bit to see all the drama play out before you can truly enjoy it!

There was drama , drama and more drama over the last few weeks!

Tinder leaves to start a new life in a new continent. I am so excited for her, but she will be missed. By me for sure… by the rest (hmmmm). Hinder and Tinder have broken up and so now the siamese twins have quite literally separated. Hinder has found a (new?) ally with Lil Boy! Whether it is a complete Tinder break for some to ensure they don’t miss her or whether this cold war will never thaw, I’m not sure… but I guess we’ll have to wait and watch!

The team offsite party was definitely a high spirited night of fun! Tin Man told one and all that he had a concussion on his leg!! The fact that some rolled on the ground laughing and the rest asked him to repeat himself, were obviously subtle clues he missed! Yogi was the butt of all dares but took it with grace and seemed to be able to laugh at himself which is a wonderful quality! Robin and BB spent time giggling and enjoying their evening and enjoying a front row to all the pranks; quietly videoing them and then posting on social media the next day!

Ringu & Tinder paired up with Tin Man the next day and enjoyed all the thrills at Warner Bros… or actually Ringu and Tinder loved the thrills while Tin Man had the chills!

Batman enjoyed the Yas Island getaway and the Warner Bros park especially all the Batman merch!

Bashful started her very own soap opera and left Tin Man and Tinder in the midst of a storm of tears. With Tinder leading the charge after a night of heavy partying; you knew that everything that could go wrong would. Sure enough there was yelling by all and then tears by the main players and overnight it was buried but not forgotten.

I'm back now and we have a new character, let's call her Tiny; and promise a play by play narration of the drama when it happens and how it does!

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